TOOL Forty Six & 2 LYRIC REVIEW – The Decomposer Lounge Music Reactions | tin tức mới nhất về youtube tool

TOOL Forty Six & 2 LYRIC REVIEW – The Decomposer Lounge Music Reactions | Tin tức hằng ngày

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TOOL Forty Six & 2 LYRIC REVIEW – The Decomposer Lounge Music Reactions và hình ảnh có liên quan youtube tool

TOOL Forty Six & 2 LYRIC REVIEW - The Decomposer Lounge Music Reactions
TOOL Forty Six & 2 LYRIC REVIEW – The Decomposer Lounge Music Reactions

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TOOL Forty Six & 2 LYRIC REVIEW – The Decomposer Lounge Music Reactions.

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41 thoughts on “TOOL Forty Six & 2 LYRIC REVIEW – The Decomposer Lounge Music Reactions | tin tức mới nhất về youtube tool”

  1. So good to see you're doing lyric breakdowns now! Yesssss! That was a pleasure to watch. I just love getting your thoughts on Maynards lyrics after having enjoyed your analysis of the music. This channel is just getting better and better!

  2. I had frozen shoulder and I feel your pain. 1st time the pain was shooting down my arm and I thought I was having a heart attack ! Try not to sleep on the bad side. Oh BTW…totally enjoyed the lyrical reaction

  3. Yes! I liked that you said the song was a different experience when u pay attention to the lyrics. Tool songs are so complex. For me my first listen is to experience the song in total then I pay more attention to lyrics in subsequent listens. Each time I listen, I get a little something more. Then I start paying more attention to the instruments once I've got the lyrics down pat.

  4. Been awhile since I have watched one of your videos. I see you developed the 'wobble' or 'bob'. It's an effect Tool tends to have after you really start to get into and understand the music.

  5. fun fact: until fear inoculum none of their lyrics were officially published. i remember having to go to fan forums to get Tool lyrics. and the lyrics that are being created when wings for marie and 10,000 days are combined into one track are still not deciphered.

  6. Bands like tool revolve around their lyrics tying into the music so much that it seems like its part of the percussion and literal feeling they are trying to portray to you. That's why it makes everyone think for themselves on what he is saying so you have multiple meanings for each person who listens to this type of music, it means whatever it is to "you" what it make "you" feel.

  7. Congratulations Geebz. It’s that next level with these guys. Try Lateralus – I’ve always felt it was about music

  8. I'm Italian and I've been following your reactions with deep interest for some time.
    I have never left a comment until now but just wanted to tell you I loved this video. I find it wonderful when someone manages to bring such personal content without going into detail, letting the eyes, voice and body language do the rest. thank you.

  9. Well I'll be. A lyrical review of the song that introduced me to Reverend Maynard. You have earned a subscription on merit alone, Good Sir. 46 and 2 is the next stage of human evolution. Your break down is on point.

  10. I love seeing someone discover great music like Tool for the first time. The way you dig and dive into the music, and the perspective you bring to it with your background, always brings something new to my attention. Thanks for doing what you do and keep up the great work.

    Also, do you know Rick Beato? He has a channel that I think you'd love. Thanks, Geebz! You rock!

  11. Love Tool, and loved your organic lyrical interpretation/breakdown. A very healthy approach to take. Hope Tool themselves tune in and share to educate some of the more rabid, zealous – dogmatic – masters in intellectual masturbation in the Army, lol ❤

  12. This song always makes me think of the Nightwatch series by Sergei Lukyanenko. One of the key points in the series is that in order to get to the magical realm (the Twilight) beneath the surface world (our world), one must step through their own shadow coming through the other side and returning back to the surface world never leaves the traveler unchanged; evolving in a sense.

  13. I really enjoy the symbolism of the song, but the idea that "more chromosomes means higher lifeform" is just foolishness … potatoes have 48 chromosomes and there are species of butterfly with over 450 and Downs Syndrome is what you get when you add 1 to the standard human genome.

    Of course dogs have 78 so maybe there's something to it :p

    But still one of my favorite Tool songs.

    Maybe he really is singing that we need to evolve up to the level of a potato … now Disgustipated makes sense "Damn you! Let the rabbits wear glasses!"

  14. Always remember, friend, you're more than one thing, and in something as subjective as music, you can offer us whichever perspective you'd like. Personally, I would love to see more lyric breakdowns, reviews, etc.

    Of course I don't know what the algorithm favors, but I'd love to see a 'Decomposition' and a 'Recomposition' of sorts. Decompose by breaking down the music, recompose by listening to the lyrics/meaning/message of the song.

    It's like you're taking it apart and rebuilding it!

  15. I love your decomposing! From tool, Steven Wilson to Radiohead. Im not a patreon and I'm new here, but I just have to recommend a band – the National. The way their guitars play off each other, and the drums! I'd start listening with bloodbuzz Ohio or fake empire. Love your positive vibes and sorry for my bad english

  16. literally everyone of my friends who never listened to tool now are massive tool fans . Its hard to not love and appreciate what they do its just on a whole different level of music .

  17. I've been saying for a while listen or read the lyrics and include them in the review. Lyrics can bring a song to a whole new level. The Outsider by A Perfect Circle has great lyrics.


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