Tool Cabinet / Workbench BUILD | tin tức mới nhất về youtube tool

Tool Cabinet / Workbench BUILD | Tin tức hằng ngày

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Tool Cabinet / Workbench BUILD và hình ảnh có liên quan youtube tool

Tool Cabinet / Workbench BUILD
Tool Cabinet / Workbench BUILD

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Tool Cabinet / Workbench BUILD.

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21 thoughts on “Tool Cabinet / Workbench BUILD | tin tức mới nhất về youtube tool”

  1. Wow man that reinforcement… You can build a house on that bench top. Those handles are amazing. I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love welded rebar. So much better than tying it with a wire. With proper tools it is faster process, stronger, no chance to sleep, and safer to handle (wire often just breaks, or has sharp edges), and requires less tools (wire cutters, and wire twisting tool).

  3. Adding a comment because of the new belt grinder post. This is still a great design and something I intend to build in the very near future since I've moved and have to outfit a new workshop. I didn't bring any of my old workbenches due to the cost of transportation and storage while waiting on the new shop to be built. Because of plywood no longer being full nominal thickness the plans just don't work. That's not a criticism; just a fact of life. I've redesigned it two or three times to make small dimensional changes to suit the actual thickness of the plywood that's available. I also took an idea from Paul Sellers and will be making the base from layers of plywood instead of solid lumber. Unfortunately I've developed a more expensive addiction to Baltic birch over big box store plywood but it's SO much nicer to work with. Just hoping that the prices come back down some (written in March, 2021) before I start buying materials. Decent 1/4" ply for the drawer bottoms has about evaporated unless it's Baltic birch purchased from a cabinetmaker's supply company. It's terribly expensive right now so I may change the design again for thicker, more utility grade ply for the drawer bottoms. The best part is that it has really improved my SketchUp skills.

  4. Hello Jeremy, thanks for such a great project! Could you please tell me the dimensions of the 1 X 4s; I don't have a computer and only a cell phone to access your video. I believe that the side 1 X 4s are actually 2.25 inches wide and the bottom ones are 3 inches wide. Many thanks Sir.

  5. Great bench – love your ideas. I will be bulding a similar workbench with a few changes. I don't think i'll need that many drawers so i'll make some shelves using the same slots – the drawers and shelves will be interchangeable. This should give even more flexibility. Love the frame and top but i'm planning on using 3 or 4 sheets of 3/4" – 1" MDF glued together to make one solid top. It won't be quite as heavy as concrete but the top will still be a few hundred pounds. It will be cheap, smooth and flat. Will also be easier both to build and replace or repair if ever needed. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. That is an epic bench man good job going to be building one of my own soon definitely going to be using some of your ideas I was just thinking as you can’t replace the top when it gets damaged is there any way of putting a removable veneer on there without compromising what you’ve already done


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