How to Use an OBD-II Scan Tool | tin tức mới nhất về youtube tool

How to Use an OBD-II Scan Tool | Tin tức hằng ngày

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How to Use an OBD-II Scan Tool và hình ảnh có liên quan youtube tool

How to Use an OBD-II Scan Tool
How to Use an OBD-II Scan Tool

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youtube tool và thông tin liên quan

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How to Use an OBD-II Scan Tool.

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  1. I have a old Molar Timing Diagnostic Computer looks like a timing gun. It gives your rpm it also has a button for DW ADV and TEST and an up and down ARROW. IT has four wire red black green and box for number one spark plug wire. I need to know where to hook the green wire around on the motor.

  2. With a odb2 scanner how can it tell me if a car has a head gasket or coil or even a tune up issue.Because i want to find out what's wrong with the car before i buy it. What's the best Odb2 scanners ??

  3. Are you not supposed to unplug the negative side cable from the vehicle battery before plugging in and reading an OBI and OBDII Scan Tool? Maybe I was told wrong.

  4. hi, I'm on the process of changing the two front oxygen sensors on my 2003 E500 and I need your opinion regarding some info I've found online, i've copied it and I'll post it below here it is [ Replacing a failed oxygen sensor may be all that you need to do, but be aware that older catalytic converters may not play well with them. Likewise, when you change out your catalytic converter, you'll need to change out your O2 sensors.May 18, 2016]

  5. I need the Manuel for this tool. Help please. ASAP using someone else's tool. Got to give back soon!!! Ad I can't seem to download this one without it possibly hurting my device. But I can some other ones. Thanks

  6. All of these scanners are different but everyone says the same beginning words, where can I view the scanners full capabilities. too many elementary videos


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