Easy Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial – Vray Sun | tin tức mới nhất về vray sun

Easy Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial – Vray Sun | Tin tức hằng ngày

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Easy Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial – Vray Sun và hình ảnh có liên quan vray sun

Easy Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial - Vray Sun
Easy Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial – Vray Sun

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vray sun và thông tin liên quan

Hướng dẫn ngắn gọn dễ dàng về cách sử dụng v-ray sun làm ánh sáng ngoại thất trong 3dsmax. .

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Easy Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial – Vray Sun.

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39 thoughts on “Easy Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial – Vray Sun | tin tức mới nhất về vray sun”

  1. Which version of 3dsmax are you using in this video? I couldn't find 'bucket' option in image sampler list instead the options shown are fixed, adaptive, adaptive subdivision and progressive (currently using 2015 version).

  2. Can u share more about exterior trees for 3dsmax??More specifically their files and their download links,thx in advanced :D,keep up the good work

  3. What's the point in creating that material from the default vray sky since it's not applied anywhere. The default Vray sky is independent in the scene from the material you created, isn't it?

  4. Urgent urgent urgent. Good evening. I am a beginner on 3ds max. With VrayMTI I cannot assign a texture to a face of my object. If I click on the icon, assign a material to a selection, the whole object takes on this texture.

  5. Why so much time to render a single frame? In a game graphics like this are rendered 60 fps in real.time. i cant figure out how to use blender, i stay with 3ds max building a simple house brick by brick, if you start to use complex features you end messing up your design. 3d modeling software are stupid, lot of repetitive actions are not automated. If you make music, chips and synthesizer modules are already loades in rom. 3d software is like buying a music keyboard completely disassembled and without any programation. That is what happens when a programmer doesn't know a bit of user interface design. The visual control console of a 3d modeling software is task for a drawing artist not for the same programmer. For example, camera controls are not even separated in a module in 3dsmax. All is messed up together. The amount of energy and mental stress is so big using those softwares its easier to start building your house by hand brick by brick and you will finish first than a guy designing a virtual house and asking thousand dollara for his 3d design. Sims4 is smarter than any 3d software.


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